Petra Jelinkova

petra jelinkova


My name is Petra Jelinkova and I am 20 years old. I come from the Czech Republic but I live in Kolding, Denmark and study Multimedia, design & communication at International Business Academy. I am currently looking for internship. I’m interested in design, especially visual identity design, UI design but I have some experience in motion graphic design, art & illustration, publication design, packaging design and 3D design. I was drawing, creating & hand-crafting since very young age. But that is not my only hobby, I love sports, in my free time I do CrossFit I also love to travel and explore different nature, countries and cultures, spend my time with family and friends, I love animals, especially dogs.
Visual Identity Designer 80%
UI Designer 80%
Motion Designer 70%
Publication Designer 75%
Art & Illustration Designer 70%


I would describe myself as easy to be around and friendly. I want to help others when there is a need, I am willing to support others and lend a helping hand, even if this is not necessarily expected of me. Nice and well-being atmosphere at work among collleagues is important for me. I like to have an order in my system and having everything on its place. I tend to be perfectionistic and trying to give my best in the areas I am really into.

If you are interested in my soft skills profile from, do not hesitate and write me to get it!



GREY WOLF (2019) Developing visual style, website and communication plan for fictional e-shop with sustainable clothes.

CIRCLE (2020)

Creating visual identity, website, videopresentation and communication plan for our fictional multimedia company.



Final project of my Multimedia and Design education. Creating and designing my own printed cookbook, together with accessories as apron, gloves, also videopresentation, posters and social media.






A 3D can

A can with dew effect / Cinema 4D

3D islands

Low-poly islands / Cinema 4D

Tags for coffee

Tags for coffee from eco material


Typography object


Drawing of a gate / pencil

Design Manual

Design manual for app


Fruit & vegetable font / linocut + aniline paint

'Universe and herbs'

Author's book

'Blood moon'

Digital drawing


I will be happy to answer to any of your questions, an internship/work offer or collaboration!

    +420 722 628 128